53mm Pressurized Portafilter Holder

53mm Pressurized Portafilter Holder

La Pavoni

$109.99 CAD
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53mm Pressurised Portafitler - This 53 mm pressurized porterfilter guarantees a ''crema'' no matter what coffee grind is used. This is done by stopping the brewing process by means of a patented system enabling a pre-infusion of the coffee under pressure.

This 53mm portafilter handle comes with the black, bakelight-plastic grip with allminuin filter holder. Also includes a 53mm double stainless steel filter basket.

  • Suitable for La Pavoni GCN, GCM, PCL, Eurobar, Espresso Cappuccino, Espresso Inn Espresso Machines
  • Not suitable for La Pavino lever machines.
  • 53 mm portafiler holder
  • Made of alluminuim and plastic.
  • also includes a 53mm double filter basket
  • Made in Italy
  • Not made by La Pavoni

Please note: This generic pressurised porta filter is lighter in weight compared to the Non-Pressurised porta filter which comes with a La Pavoni coffee machine.


This generic pressurised handle is made of a lightweight plastic handle and an aluminum filter base (better conductor of heat). The Non- Pressurised handle are made of a plastic handle and a heavy brass/chrome filter base. 

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