Ascaso Dream One Polished Aluminium Machine V3

Ascaso Dream One Polished Aluminium Machine V3


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The new Ascaso Dream One Polished Aluminium (Version 3) with thermoblock espresso and cappuccino machine is the flagship of the Ascaso line. It's classic retro look is combined with the best that modern technology has to offer in a traditional style machine. The Ascaso Dream Versatile comes in many designer colors. Not only does this machine look great in any kitchen, but it also allows you to make cafe quality espresso drinks, lattes, cappuccino, and cafe mochas. The New version now come with: -New! 3 way Solenoid Valve, which creates a dry dose, no leakage and no over pressure.

Pump 16 BAR - Professional water pump which enables the distribution of water over the coffee at the suitable pressure to extract the maximum aroma, flavour and organoleptic characteristics.

3 Way Valves - The inclusion of this type valve enables to offer a dry extraction, eliminating the final dripping and preventing overpressurisation.

Professional portafilters and professional filter baskets  - following Ascaso's philosophy of transferring the professional components to the espresso world at home, all our machines are provided with chrome brass portafilters and stainless steel filter baskets (for 1 and 2 coffees) of 58 mm diameter and the special filter basket for ESE Pod in the versatile model. Moreover, our versatile model incorporates the latest technology in filters, with the “supercream” version, which achieves an extra creamy extraction. This special pressurised filter guarantees a creamy coffee regardless of the mixture or grinding degree used.

Special steam pipe for cappuccino  - A special feature that comes as standard in all our products. The design of the steam pipe allows making creamy cappuccinos and lattes so easily it almost seems magic.

Water tank of 1.3 Litres ( 48 oz): removable for maintenance and cleaning and of easy visual access to verify the amount of water in the tank. It is possible to fill the tank with the coffee machine in operation.                 

Cup warmer & Inox tray - Emulating the professional bar coffee machines, the top apart of the machine includes an area that keeps the cups warm (cup warmers) in order for the coffee not to lose its temperature when poured into the cup. Its stainless steel and removable tray ( to remove remains of coffee or water) and the design of the grille allow easy handling and cleaning.

Temperature Control - The exterior thermometer, designed according to a vintage aesthetics, provides the temperature of the boiler in the coffee versions (Boiler / thermoblock) and steam. Double reading in ºC and ºF.


The Dream coffee machine is made in aluminium. Besides from the colours we present (aluminium painted with technological quality paints, used in Formula 1 and professional navigation) and from the special print (model La Vaca), the star finish is polished aluminium. This finish is achieved by polishing the pieces by hand, one by one. The possible disuniformities of the surface are due to the handcrafted and laborious process that we wish to maintain for its delicacy and that provides each piece with a differential characteristic. The Dream model includes the Tam-tamper. Aluminium professional Tamper ( 58mm) designed by Marc Aranyó

- Pressure Over Regulator valve 8 to 16 bars

- Three/way group Valve

- 58 mm Portafilter

- Porfessional steam wand

- Larger Steam wand with 3 hole steam tip
- Aluminum Tamper -225 CC boiler

- functional cup warmer -removable water tank

- water level indicator

- Hot water and steam supply ( constant steam general system with high production)

- Quick warm up time

- 900 watts, coffee thermostat at 100°C -Steam thermostat at 140°

- Painted aluminum body with polished base -Works with either ground coffee or ESE coffee pods

- Safety Thermo fuse and Steam pipe protector -Electric heating with Electronic circuit protection

- Accu-read gauge and the flip-switch controls allow for trouble free, user-friendly operation

- Dual system temperature control for coffee brewing and steam/frothing

- Removable 1.3 liter (48oz) water tank with easy to read visual level

- Operates at 110v and has an absorption of 900 watts

- Boiler and Ground in brass – does not burn out if the boiler runs out of water

- Convenient cup warmer with railing on top of unit to keep cups warm and ready to go

- Easy to clean grid and polished inox drip tray

- includes the 58 mm aluminium professional Tamper


Comparison between the Ascaso Dream Zero and the Ascaso Dream One coffee machines:

Ascaso Dream Zero: 

- 57mm porta filter 

- Standard version steam wand

Ascaso Dream One:

- 58mm Porta filter 

- Porfessional version steam wand

- Three/way group Valve

- Set up is similar to Ascaso Uno professional 

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