Bialetti 2 Cups Mini Express ITALIA Stovetop Espresso Maker

Bialetti 2 Cups Mini Express ITALIA Stovetop Espresso Maker


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Bialetti Mini Express 2 cup (150ml - 5 oz) cast aluminum with non stock coating espresso maker is one of the original Bialetti 2 cup stove top coffee makers. Bialettis Mini Express allows you to make 2 cups of espresso at once! The espresso brews directly into your cup, ready to be tasted. Designed to dispense espresso using a pressure system directly into your cup with a cool and fun design. 

Perfect for quick indoor espresso brewing with the Bialetti’s Mini Express. It comes with a base that’s similar to the Moka Pot, but with a direct dispenser on top that pipes the freshly brewed espresso right into an espresso cup.

With its retro-Italian design (complete with the Vespa-inspired colored variants and cups), the Mini Express is perfect for the lover of the rich black beverage that forms the bedrock of all good Italian coffees. 

Please Note: 2 espresso porcelaine cups in images are included.

Load the coffee grounds and water in and screw the top on  and place it on the stovetop for a fw mins on high heat. The coffee brews, bubbling up to the surface and out the two spouts on the top, right into the cups that rest on the Mini Express’s platform. 

These are of heavy gauge cast aluminum, including the filter screen and funnel. The exterior has been polished and the pressure valve will prevent over heating and pressure release. Dishwasher safe. Made in Italy with 25 years warranty.

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