Caffe NY Chistoforo Columbo Jamaican Blue Mountain Beans 2.2 lbs (1000g)

Caffe NY Chistoforo Columbo Jamaican Blue Mountain Beans 2.2 lbs (1000g)

Caffe NewYork

$39.99 CAD


An exceptional blend slowly roasted by the master roaster at Caffe New York in Pistoia to showcase one of the world’s best coffee, the Jamaican Blue Mountain. This balanced blend offers a unique combination of a very creamy taste and a silky finish. It equally shines in espresso and filter coffee.

Premuim blend Caffe New York Cristoforo Colombo "Jamiacan Blue Mountain" Coffee Beans. A medium blend with a 100% Jamaican blue mountain beans. Popular and standard taste to the blend

Intensity level of 6 to 10 (10 being the strongest)

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is the most sought after premium coffee in the world. The coffee is derived from the high altitude of the Jamaican Blue Mountains, the cool mist, a long growing season, and volcanic soil. Marry this with the exceptional care and attention that its farmers provide and the highest government standards of any coffee in the world and there is no surprise that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee maintains its title as the Finest Coffee in the World.

CAFFE NEW YORK Jamaican Blue Coffee selects the best roasters and require them to use only the highest grade of beans. from Jamaica. We invite you to enjoy a cup of our coffee and taste the difference.

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