Caffitaly Ecaffe MORBIDO Coffee - Pack of 10

Caffitaly Ecaffe MORBIDO Coffee - Pack of 10


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Caffitaly Ecaffe MorbidoThis is the international version of Italian espresso coffee with a lighter and more subtle body - perfect for people who prefers a slightly “longer” espresso coffee, perhaps even with a drop of cream or milk. Careful selection of the best sources of Arabica and Robusta ensures an harmonious and round taste for this blend. Excellent straight and perfect as the base for cappuccino or other coffee recipes. Recommended cup quantity: 120-130 ml. Pack of 10 tea coffee capsules.

Coffee Strengh: 3.5 out 5 (5 being strongest)

Caffitaly Ecaffe coffee capsules are incredible easy to use single serving capsules. Now you can enjoy an Italian espresso in 11 different Caffitaly blends. They come in capsules of 8 grams of pure freshly ground coffee packed in the most hygienic conditions and designed to produce a perfect espresso every time. Taste and experience the pleasure.

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