Caffitaly S07 Black/Silver Capsule Coffee Machine + FREE COFFEE SAMPLES

Caffitaly S07 Black/Silver Capsule Coffee Machine + FREE COFFEE SAMPLES


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Caffitaly SO7 Coffee Machine is their modern Espresso Coffee Maker with advanced technology and an innovative capsule system. Incorporates a traditional Frothing Nozzle for heating or frothing milk, so you can choose from a perfect espresso, latté or cappuccino. And with the ability to choose from the plentiful varieties of ground coffee or the convenience of Caffitaly capsules, Caffitaly has given us a machine for the coffee connoisseur. Comes with an electronic control panel and 3 coffee selections (espresso, coffee crema & drip long coffee) for complete convenience Ultra-modern slim-line design looks and fits better in your home or office. 

The minimalist design and the improved ease of use are the main features which make great the New S07. With the automatic portioning of the drinks and the capsule drawer expanded, the Murex allows you to prepare the perfect coffees and delicious hot drinks in one simple touch. Using the unique Caffitaly capsule system technology, it offers better extraction of coffee, consistency in coffee supply, and ideal dose of product in the cap. Advantage: Practical, fast and simple. Making a true Italian espresso has never been easier.

Automatic Proportioning - Prepare ristretto, espresso, or lungo, all with the touch of a button. Advantage: Three different coffee brews are promgrammed to three different buttons. You can enjoy consistency in the taste and aroma of your favourite coffee, be it regular espresso, ristretto or lungo. 

Easy Insertion of Capsules and Automatic Ejection Preparing coffee and cleaning is a breeze! Used capsules are automatically ejected to a capsule drawer just by lifting the handle. Just remove the capsule drawer when it's already full and throw the used capsules in a bin. Advantage: No-mess and hygienic operation lets you enjoy a high quality espresso drink with ease. 

Caffitaly revolutionary and patented system for packaging coffee in capsules that leaves the taste and aroma of the coffee unaltered, even after several months, in keeping with the strictest Italian traditions. Through a upper filter, hot high pressure water is brought uniformly into contact with each grain of the coffee and then passes through a second filter where the coffee is extracted and exits as a full-bodied, dense espresso, blanked with a consistent, compact cream. With eCaffe capsules a quality espresso at home is easy and quick to prepare, everything is clean and coffee is always ready and fresh. The capsules can be used only with the coffee machines designed exclusively for Caffitaly System. 

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