Danesi Caffe YELLOW MISCELA Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1 Kg - 2.2 Lbs (1000 gr)

Danesi Caffe YELLOW MISCELA Dark Roast Coffee Beans 1 Kg - 2.2 Lbs (1000 gr)

Danesi Caffé

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Danesi Bar (Miscela extra) is an an exemplary Bar type coffee with everything: rich nutty and malt flavour, full body and light balanced acidity. Danesi Bar is blended with selected Brazilian and Central America arabica and East Africa robusta beans grown at higher altitude which leave a fragrant coffee finish.

  • Coffee Strength: 8 out 10 (10 being strongest)
  • Medium to Dark roast coffee beans
  • Smooth & balanced
  • Arabica Coffee with hints of robusta
  • 1000 grams - 1 kg - 2.2 Lbs bag
  • Made in Italy

Danesi Coffee Business Policy, which has long been involved in the protection of the environment, also through the adoption of production techniques capable of reducing the impact on the outside, is well within the scope of a market, such as today’s more attentive to social and environmental issues. Attention to minimize the environmental and social impacts of their productions is expressed in the company’s ongoing commitment to work closely with small coffee growers originally.

The unique flavor of Danesi‘s blends come from continuous relentless and accurate inspections of the raw coffees they are composed by, balancing tradition and innovation and guarantying the highest quality.
The quality guarantee of Danesi products comes mostly from people work, added to an innovative use of technology.

The aroma, the taste and the aspect of a coffee reflect the passion of those who have worked for a long time to create the highest level quality product possible. Selecting, blending, roasting, milling: are ancient and essential procedures passed down within the company through the years. Those techniques, paired with the most modern equipment and technology available today, ensure to achieve the highest levels of control in every step of the production process.

The roasting process follows specific convection techniques where the heat is evenly distributed and thermal conduction is controlled not only by the most advanced computerized systems but also by the most skilled master roasters, this process is slow and gradual. The result is a unique product created by a company that operates in perfect balance between tradition and modernity always distinguishing itself in the industry offering to its clients quality and consistency.

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