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Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder
Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder
Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder

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Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder


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The new Vario-W model is a groundbreaking and improved version of Baratza's most popular coffee grinder, the Vario.  Instead of being time-based, the Vario-W is a fully integrated weight-based grinder, using real-time grinding with a built-in electronic scale.  You simply select the set weight you want and the Vario-W does the rest, weighing the ground coffee to within +/- 0.2 g while grinding, and stopping automatically.


The Vario-W’s inventive technology is backed by time-tested components including 54mm Mahlkönig Ceramic Flat Burrs and an efficient motor. This model retains the user-friendly push-button controls and sliding adjustments of its predecessor for hassle-free operation. The Baratza Vario-W is recommended for discerning coffee and espresso enthusiasts.


Built into the Vario-W is an innovative electronic scale, capable of delivering precise, real-time data. Unlike other grinders, the Vario-W uses weight measurements instead of grind time to supply the appropriate coffee volume. There is no need to manually weigh your beans prior to grinding. Simply set the desired weight and the Vario-W will automatically measure, grind and dispense the coffee. Weight settings can be adjusted in 0.1-gram increments to suit your needs; grinding operations will automatically stop once the appropriate coffee volume has been achieved.


newly designed faceplate with Micro line adjustement marking with included  features recently added: Upgraded H2 Vario display prevents loss programming memory on stand-by, improved control board, secondary calibration  adjustment screw and cool n' easy adjustment Tool.


This precision grinder features dual cam macro and micro grind adjustments to give you full control over the finished results. The right-hand adjustment lets you control macro-settings. Micro-settings, located on the left-hand side, will let you fine-tune your grind. Each macro-adjustment is equal to one micro-range. Using both micro and macro settings will allow you to create up to 230 custom grind adjustments. The Vario-W is capable of delivering coarse, medium, fine and extra fine grinds suitable for everything from French presses to espresso and even Turkish coffee.


The Vario-W features three programmable dosage buttons. The weight values are clearly displayed on the digital LCD and each button can be pre-set to automatically grind a custom weight. All your dosing programming units are weight based, in grams; this grinder does not have a timer.


The Vario-W features a tinted bean hopper and lid. The hopper can safely store up to 8 ounces of whole bean coffee. This grinder also features an anti-static food-grade ABS plastic ground coffee container with a generous 8-ounce capacity.


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Mahlkönig 54mm Ceramic Flat Burrs:

  • Stays sharper longer. Ceramic has a 1.5- 2.0 x longer life than steel burrs.  
  • Keeps the coffee cool by limiting the amount of heat transferred from the burrs to the grinds.

Grind on Demand with Electronic Dosing: 

  • Eliminates the risk of stale ground coffee common in mechanical dosing units.
  •  0.1 second adjustable steps (0.2 grams). 
  • Three, user programmable grind time buttons.

Innovative Dual Cam Grind Adjustment: 

  • The right hand lever lets you choose what type of grind you’d like.
  • The lever on the left lets you fine tune the grind within the range you’ve selected for a perfect grind.  Over 230 grind settings available.
  • integrated weight-based grinder, using real-time grinding with a built-in electronic scale

Powerful DE motor:

  • Turns slowly resulting in cool, quiet operation and permits expended grinding time.  
  • The circuitry is equipped with an automatic reset thermal switch.
  •  Improved Metal drive gear.