Elektra Verve Dual Boiler Coffee Machine

Elektra Verve Dual Boiler Coffee Machine


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Elektra Verve is the outcome of a research. A style. A way to be that gives every coffee lover freedom to express himself. Coffee shops, homes, offices and even on tour. Elektra Verve can be used everywhere thanks to its extreme versatility. The best of italian design combined to professional performances and reduced dimensions. Suitable for: low-volume foodservice locations, offices, homes.

The Elektra Verve is Elektra’s newest technologically innovative dual boiler espresso machine. The Elektra Verve machine that is digital, stunning in design, and certainly capable of making the best brews. The Elektra Verve features a PID, which allows you to program the temperature for both the brass coffee boiler and stainless steel steam boiler. You will be able to control the PID as well as other parameters with your smartphone.

Elektra’s patented “joystick” steam control ushers powerful variable dry steam when moved in any direction to easily micro-foam milk, and a second joystick control gives access to instant boiling water for tea or Americano. Shots are pulled using a retro manual lever, and the work tray fits taller cups, with a riser included if your prefer to use shorter cups. 

The Elektra Verve has a beautiful stainless steel body and fine wood on the side panels as well as the knobs and 58mm portafilter. Although the espresso machine is a semi-commercial grade, it is very suitable to use in your home espresso bar. 

  • Refined design and long lasting materials: Stainless steel body combined with wooden side panels
  • Double boiler technology: Independent coffee and steam boilers
  • Dry steam high production: High capacity stainless steel independent steam boiler
  • Extreme Flexibility: Switch easily from main water line to the 5 liter integrated tank
  • Pivoting “joystick” instant-on steam control
  • Automated Backflushing for fast & easy group cleaning
  • Comes set for use with the built-in 5-litre water reservoir.
  • Raised group fit largest cups, with portable risers included for smaller cups
  • Professional components: Rotary pump, professional brew group & double-scale pressure gauge
  • Smart Phone User Interface: Direct WI FI connection for all the settings
  • Be Free to Create: Adjust brewing temperature & pre-infusion time to create your own recipe by your smartphone.
  • Portafilter is chromed brass with ergonomic wooden handle.
  • Made in Italy
  • 1 year warranty.

Please note: cups on top of coffee machine are not included.

Fully Saturated Brew Group
A feature found normally only on high-end commercial machines, the Verve’s saturated brew group offers near perfect temperature stability.

Dual Boiler Technology
The Verve features two independent insulated boilers controlled with independent PID to ensure high performances for both coffee and steaming while highly reducing energy consumption. It also enables very fast warm-up time.

Great Dry Steam
The large, independent, stainless steel boiler on the Verve ensures great milk frothing performances cup after cup. The professional steam wand gives you ultimate control on the milk texture.

Always connected
With its classic Italian design, The Verve hides well how technology advanced she is. It features the latest technologies to give you full control of the extraction process. The Verves connects to your smartphone easily without any app, giving you the power to adjust preinfusion, temperature and monitor the extraction process in real-time.

Oversized 5 Litre Water Tank (or plumb-in)
The machine features a commercial grade and super quiet rotary pump capable of using the oversized built-in water tank or a direct water line.

Ce qui est inclut

  • 1 x porte-filtre double
  • 1 x porte-filtre simple
  • 1 x filtre aveugle
  • 1 x filtre double
  • 1 x filtre simple
  • 1 x support de tasses
  • 1x conduit flexible en acier inoxydable tressée pour la connection à l’eau,

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