Eureka Mignon Silenzio BLACK MATTE Coffee Grinder + FREE COFFEE

Eureka Mignon Silenzio BLACK MATTE Coffee Grinder + FREE COFFEE


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The Matte Black Eureka Mignon Silenzio is a quiet, compact, Italian-built burr grinder that packs a big punch with 50mm stainless steel flat burrs. Its distraction-free interface and noise insulation make it perfect for those who prefer a relaxed home espresso experience.

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio is a great home espresso grinder with 50mm flat steel burrs. It is certified for commercial use, suitable as a decaf grinder in a small cafe or restaurant. This burr grinder has a dial-based timed dosing system, a stepless grind adjustment dial, and excellent noise insulation.

The Micrometric adjustment of grinding thickness with rotor blades axial slide enables the best possible grinding Its instant dosing ensure the best quality and aroma. The special 50 mm burrs, conceved for barista, offers excellent grind dispersionspeed and performances. Notwithstanding its dimension, Mignon Silenzio guarantees the same grinding quality and many other features as all other Eureka professional grinders.

Stepless grinding adjustment allows you to make the most finite adjustments to achieve the perfect grind. Distance from top of fork to coffee chute is approximately 2.25″. It can be removed completely to put a container. Allows hands-free operation with spouted portafilters. 

Holds approximately 8 ounces of roasted beans for plenty of espresso shots. Ergonomically design to keep the overall height low and not to stick out beyond the rest of the grinder. A set screw holds the hopper in place as opposed to other grinders which are friction fit.

Located on the right of the grinder. The large switch turns the grinder on. The button on the lower right switches the grinder from semi-automatic (pushed out) to timer (pushed in) in timer mode. The knob on the lower left adjusts the amount of time the grinder will run. Turn clockwise to increase time and counter clockwise to decrease time. Push the button in front of the grinder underneath the coffee chute to start grinding.

  • Chrome spout, cover and fork 
  • Silent motor
  • Adjustable timer for pre-set dosing



The Nuova Simonelli MDX Grinder allows for perfect micrometric grinding for excellent espresso.

The standard model is available in automatic or semiautomatic versions. Micrometric grinding allows for the adjustment of coffee dosing. Conical or flat grinders are made of toughened steel with spiral blades.

The blades rotate at low speed for uniform coffee grain size.

Designed and built according to bio-design principle.

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  • Power: 120/50 Hz 026 Kw 1350 RPM Single phase with overload thermic protection 
  • Hopper capacity: 300 g Made of clear Kostil Food approved 
  • Grinder blades: Ø 50 Made of hardened steel 
  • Grinder control Micrometric Rapid micrometric regulator with display of grinding type 
  • New All Purpose "Hand Free" fork suitable to any type of filter holder
  • ACE System which prevents the clumps formation and guarantees cleanliness and dose precision
  • Body: Aluminium Chromed panels 
  • Burr: Material Harden Steel 
  • Width: 120 mm 
  • Depth: 180 mm 
  • Height: 350 mm
  • Weight 5.6 kg
  • Made in Italy with a 1 year warranty.

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