Faema Intenso Coffee Beans 2.2 lbs (1000g)

Faema Intenso Coffee Beans 2.2 lbs (1000g)


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For over half a century, Faema has crafted the finest espresso blends using select beans from plantations around the globe. The beans are skillfully blended and roasted to create a well-balanced full-body taste, intensity and aroma.

Ideal for Espresso or Drip.....The Intenso blend of select African and South American beans yields a bold blend formulated to match the profile of authentic southern Italian style espresso having a pleasant intensity with a strong flavor and a smooth finish. Outstanding in a cappuccino but it is at its best straight up. 

  • Available in 1kg / 2.2 lb/ 1000gr whole bean bags.
  • Coffee Strength: 8 out 10 (10 being strongest)
  • Imported from Italy

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