Isomac Venus Coffee Machine + FREE COFFEE

Isomac Venus Coffee Machine + FREE COFFEE


$1,274.99 CAD
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The all new 2020 Isomac Venus espresso/cappuccino machine fills the void between lower cost espresso machines and the higher priced professional grade machines. This means it is perfect for home and small office use. While there are a few direct competitors priced a little lower than the Venus, this machine stands out because of it slightly larger size and top to bottom stainless steel construction.

The Venus is a beautiful machine to say the least. The polished housing, chrome cup railing on top, and the heavy-duty switches and indicator lights make the fancy professional grade machines look over their shoulder. But Isomac did not skimp on the inside of the machine either. A look under the hood shows a large brass boiler, brass fittings, stainless steel mesh protecting the water tubing, and top grade wiring and electrical fittings. Now with a higher temperature steaming thermostat which will provide greater steaming power.

  • Commercial brass group and 58 mm porterfilter
  • Pressure gauge for measuring accurate extraction of espresso
  • Digital temperature display allowing adjustable brewing temperatures for different coffee types (Venus PID only)
  • Anti-drip electrovalve
  • Large capacity brass boiler
  • Features an ultra quiet ULKA pump
  • Lever switches with LED for each machine function
  • All stainless steel drip tray and grill
  • Polished stainless steel body
  • Polished stainless steel and frame for added durability

  • Heavy Duty Pump - The Venus uses a 52-watt vibratory pump that provides the exact pressures needed to deliver perfect espresso. The lines from the pump, to the boiler, and from the boiler to the group head are all commercial grade items, with a big, beefy piece of cast brass helping to complete the trip. Other machines may feel the need to advertise their BAR rating; the Venus doesn't have to - it's a given the machine has the power to spare.

  • Chromed brass group head and 10 once sold brass boiler for added temperature stability

  •  12 to 14 pump pressure.

  • Expansion relief-valve allows excess pump pressure to be redirected to the water reservoir

  • Three (3) way solenoid valve on the group head allows the filter handle to be removed immediately after the espresso extraction

  • The pressure gauge on the front of the machine will monitor brewing pressures to ensure you are getting the best espresso shot at 8-9 bar.

  • The Venus features four solid toggle switches with integrated indicator lights. The power switch is on the upper right far corner of the control panel. The three switches on the left side of the control panel: control the brewing, hot water, and steaming functions of the machine.

  • Three (3) thermostats - coffee, steam, and safety

  • Stainless-steel braided hose from pump to boiler for added durability - other machines may only have Teflon hoses that are susceptible to cracking over time

  • Swivel-based steam wand with two-hole, chrome-plated steam tip

  • Stainless-steel drip tray and cover (very large and removable)

  • Three (3) liter water reservoir removable from top for easy refilling or easy cleaning

  • Accessories: one (1) pro-style 58mm filter handle with dual spouts, a 1-cup filter basket, a 2-cup filter basket, a plastic scoop, and a bakelite tamper

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