La Pavoni Gran Caffe Stainless GCM

La Pavoni Gran Caffe Stainless GCM

La Pavoni

$749.99 CAD
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Baratza Encore BLACK Coffee Grinder - FREE COFFEE
Baratza Encore BLACK Coffee Grinder - FREE COFFEE
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Espresso coffee machine are built with bright stainless steel body. Lever switches and leds for each machine function. Gauge to indicate pump pressure (Brass, pressurized, automatic filter holder “ Espresso Crema” already fitted to use all kind of pods on the market. It guarantees creamy and tasty coffee.

The Espresso crema filter holder,  fitted with one only filter for ground coffee, by hooking it to the group, stops the brewing process by means of a patented system and enables a pre-infusion under pressure which takes out all the flavour and taste from the coffee).

  • Easy to Make Espresso and Coffee: Fill the portafilter basket to level with finely ground espresso and place onto the brew head. Depress the brew button to start brewing and then press again to stop.
  • Frothing Wand for Easy Foam: Simply place the frothing tip (panarello) into a milk pitcher and open the steaming knob to begin steaming milk. The specially designed wand will automatically froth the milk to the desired temperature and foaminess. The wand is mounted on a swivel for easy steaming access.
  • extraction from almost any fineness of ground beans, promoting the perfect brewing conditions. A non-pressurized portafilter is also available for those that are into tamping their own grinds.
  • Large Water Tank: You can brew a number of espressos and then refill the reservoir right where it's at (by removing the top lid). The water tank can also be easily removed for cleaning or to refill at the sink.
  • Powerful Pump For Consistent Shot Extraction: The powerful vibratory pump rated at 15 BAR of pressure, the same pump found on top of the line Saeco espresso machines to pull maximum flavor from the coffee beans.
  • Safe, Rapid Recovery Boiler: The PFL has a large stainless steel, 950-watt quick recovery boiler. And the boiler also incorporates a thermal fuse to shut down the heating element should the machine run dry during operation.
  • Brass boiler and brass brewhead for excellent thermal stability
  • Sophisticated degassing system with a solenoid valve in the brewhead, diverts water and steam pressure from the brewhead to the drip tray.
  • Turbo cappuccino froth enhancer produces thick creamy foamed milk, an automatic cappuccino frothing device is also included
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Built-in safety reset fuses to prevent overheating and prevent costly heating element repair.
  • 15 bar pump with pump overheat protection
  • 3 Lts Water tank and Cup warming tray & Large removable drip tray 
  • Quick heat up of only 3 minutes
  • Makes one or two cups at a time!
  • Swivel steaming wand for frothing milk.
  • 53 mm Non pressurized port filter
  • Boiler refill cap on top.
  • Pressure gauge indicator
  • Removable drip tray and drip tray cover.
  • Turbo steam nozzle can be easily switched to automatic cappuccino maker.
  • Made in italy with 1 year warranty


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