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Lamborghini Premium ESE Coffee PODS - Pack of 18
Lamborghini Premium ESE Coffee PODS - Pack of 18
Lamborghini Premium ESE Coffee PODS - Pack of 18

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Lamborghini Premium ESE Coffee PODS - Pack of 18


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E.S.E Pods Coffee Roast - The signature taste and aromas of medium roast, in a single shot saschets with a fine ground and roasted authentic Italian coffee. Sold in packs of 18 x 7 grams pods (125 grams).


ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) Espresso pods only work in espresso machines equipped with a ESE espresso pod holder adaptor and Handspresso makers


Each serving, or pod, contains 7 grams of perfectly ground, expertly tamped coffee to ensure delicious, consistent espresso each and every time. Simply insert a pod into an E.S.E.-compatible espresso machine and in less than 30 seconds it yields a delicious cup of rich, robust espresso. The individually wrapped servings protect the illy coffee from oxidation and guarantee maximum freshness each and every cup. E.S.E. pods can be used with all E.S.E.compatible espresso machines.


• No need for grinding beans
• Low wear and tear on the machine
• No wastage
• No mess
• Low maintenance
• No special expertise required


Hand-made in Italy, the Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine features the famous bull logo and a luxury gearstick lever, which operates the brewing process. The metal body is finished in high gloss beluga black. All controls are finished in immaculate chrome. With a brass boiler, 20-Bar high pressure pump and powerful steam jet, café-style espresso and cappuccino can be made without the mess of ground coffee. Italian design, style and innovation turn this machine into a stylish home accessory.


Suited to the most discerning coffee connoisseurs, Tonino Lamborghini Caffè embodies the perfection expected of all products bearing the Tonino Lamborghini name. Strict quality controls are applied at every stage in the creation of Tonino Lamborghini Caffè, from the selection of the beans and throughout the roasting process, the coffee is constantly checked for its quality, physical characteristics and aroma. The final product is approved by coffee experts before it is released.


The combination of quality beans, traditional Italian coffee-making expertise and modern processing technology give Tonino Lamborghini Caffè a creamy taste and rich body, full of the flavour of real Italian espresso.


Today the Tonino Lamborghini tradition enjoys further confirmation in its coffee, whose aroma is as unique as the brand and stands as a testament to this splendid legacy.


The history of reflects the way the product is made: by blending passion and long term experience. The Italian tradition of roasting the coffee beans is applied here through the use of modern processing techniques in order to obtain a superior coffee, one suited to the most demanding connoisseurs. The product is perfectly tuned to the high standards required by its name combined with a natural vocation for perfection.


Tonino Lamborghini’s coffee is made unique by the strict control of the production cycle whilst coffee experts  approve the blends  espresso final product. From the selection of the beans to the roasting process, the coffee is constantly checked for its physical characteristics, quality and aroma. The accurate selection of the beans and the roasting process take place in a strictly controlled environment, using machines capable of precisely controlling the various. The mix used is composed of Arabica Santos beans from Brazil come together with fruity high-mountain Central American varieties to create a nicely-balanced, intensely aromatic espresso, with a full-bodied flavour and good acidity.