Philips Saeco AquaClean Filter Set of 3

Philips Saeco AquaClean Filter Set of 3


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Keep the caffeine flowing and your machine clean with the Philips-Saeco AquaClean filter! Designed to drastically reduce your espresso machine maintenance, regular use of AquaClean filters lets you go up to 5,000 cups of coffee before a descale or go 3.5 years between descale cycles.

  • 5,000 cups of coffee without descaling 
  • Microporous filter also captures all the dirt
  • The delicious taste of coffee without any concessions
  • Easy to deploy the filter
  • Activating the filter AquaClean deactivates the warning decalcification

Valid for below models:

- Saeco PicoBarsito 

- Saeco PicoBarito Carafe

- Saeco Incanto

- Saeco Xelsis

- Philips Easy Cappuccino

- Philips 2000

- Philips 3000

- Philips 3100

- Philips Lattego

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