Puly Caff Powder Descaler Cleaner Pack of 10

Puly Caff Powder Descaler Cleaner Pack of 10

Puly Caff

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Puly Cleaner espresso machine decalcifier and cleaner for home espresso machines. Specifically designed in helping to remove calcium and magnesium deposits caused by hard water from attaching to boilers, and brewing units in home espresso machines. Easy to use, economic and safe. Puly Cleaner Baby used every 12 weeks helps in keeping your equipment working properly.

This descaler comes in handy sachets and is very effective, especially on domestic machines where the boilers suffer from scaling and need to be descaled on a regular basis. This Puly descaler should be used with caution on boilers made from aluminium, though it's fine if you don't leave it in there for too long. 

  • 10 pack x 30g per box
  • Genuine branded product
  • For use with domestic coffee equipment
  • Special liquid descaler for espresso machines and electric water heaters, it removes deposits caused by hard water
  • Warning: causes serious eye irritation; causes skin irritation; do not eat, keep out of reach of children
  • Italian product, Italian packaging

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