Puly Caff Coffee Machine Detergent Cleaner 900g

Puly Caff Coffee Machine Detergent Cleaner 900g

Puly Caff

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Puly Caff is a specialist detergent for cleaning espresso machines. It's specifically designed to dissolve coffee oils, odours and other stubborn stains whilst being gentle on your espresso machine. Puly Caff can be used on any espresso machine fitted with a solenoid valve. It should be applied when backflushing to clean the group head. The powder can also be dissolved in water to clean: portafilters, filter baskets and cups; and is excellent at removing tannin stains from teapots. Puly Caff Plus detergent for espresso machine in jar with doser cup included.

  • Puly Caff cleaning detergent 900g jar
  • Removes coffee oil deposits from brewing groups, electrical valves and water circuits
  • Perfect for all back flush capable espresso machines and parts cleaning
  • Special formulation designed to bond to metal and prevent pitting and corrosion
  • Imported from Italy / NSF certified

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