Puly Caff Grind Grinder Cleaner Pack of 10

Puly Caff Grind Grinder Cleaner Pack of 10


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Puly Grind Grinder Cleaner Crystals 10 x 150g.  Specially designed for Superautomatic Espresso Coffee machines with built in grinder doser and coffee grinders.

The product is an all-natural, safe, and easy way to keep your grinder fresh and clean. Quickly and effectively removes stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odors from the internal burrs and casings of coffee grinders. Requiring no grinder disassembly, users simply run the coffee bean shaped tablets through the machine just like coffee.

  • 10 packs x 150g per box.
  • All-natural, gluten free, and completely food safe.
  • Cleans grinder burrs and casings.
  • Removes coffee oils and odors.
  • Removes stale, built-up coffee oils, colors, and odors.

Simple to use:
1) Empty the bean hopper.
2) Insert one dose of Puly Grind Crystals.
3) Fill the Bean hopper with beans.
4) Turn on the grinder for two or three doses of ground coffee.
5) Discharge the first few shots of coffee.

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