Quamar M80E Polish Alluminium Coffee Burr Grinder

Quamar M80E Polish Alluminium Coffee Burr Grinder


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Quamar M80E (come with the 500 g hopper) is an electronic on-demand coffee grinder with a user-friendly touch-screen display and touch-sensitive keypad. No keys or mechanical switches that might shorten its life. Its 63 mm flat blades can grind up to 3.5 kg of coffee powder daily, which makes it ideal for cafeterias and artisan coffee shops with medium daily coffee consumption. This grinder with dispenser has 3 measuring options and features a reset-proof dose counter. User-friendly programming, user interface in 7 languages. M80 E can be supplied with the following optional equipment: 500 g hopper.

Made of hardened stainless steel, the flat burrs are very affordable. The 63mm size should last approximately 350-400 KG before replacement is required. The burrs being bigger means it will dissipate heat quickly and preserve the aromatic profiles of coffee better. The touch buttons are touch sensitive and don’t require a hard press nor need the buttons depress down. This will eliminate the possibility of coffee getting trapped within the gaps around a button causing it to be stuck or non reactive.

Beans can better preserve from oxidation when it is bean form. In powdered form, the surface area will increase 60 times more which hasten oxidation, making it totally stale within 6 hours of exposure. This is an on demand grinder, meaning the beans will retain in bean form and be ground and dosed into the portafilter for immediate use only when it’s activated. The user can make tiny steps of adjustment to reach the grind setting he wants. With the measuring scales, user will have a reading to what grind setting he prefers.

Think of this, coffee will deteriorate its quality every day. Meaning, the grind setting made today may not work a few days later for the same bag of beans. Not because the grinder had gone wrong, it’s because the coffee had deteriorated. When this happen, experience users can compensate the lack of crema by adjusting the grind and timer to increase its resistance to a better flow. What the Quamar M80E Grinder can do is the grind setting can be adjusted easily. The hopper, burrs and most parts can be removed or access to clean quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: This grinder comes with the 500g hopper but can be upgraded to the 1200g (1.2 Kg) hopper at no extra charge. During the checkout process, let us know which hopper size you would prefer in the "COMMENT" section.

  • Body: aluminium
  • Hopper: plastic 500 g - 1,2 kg - 1,5 kg coffee beans capacity
  • Dosing device: programmable setting, for single, double and triple dose, with digital visual display
  • Dimensions: 160 x 290 x 510 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Net weight:11,3 kg
  • Availble voltage: 110V
  • Certifications: ETL for 110V
  • Volume: 0,042 m3
  • Suggested daily production: up to 3,5 kg/day
  • made in Italy with a 1 year warranty

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