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Delonghi La Specialista Semi Automatic Espresso Machine HOT DEAL
Delonghi La Specialista Semi Automatic Espresso Machine HOT DEAL
Delonghi La Specialista Semi Automatic Espresso Machine HOT DEAL

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Delonghi La Specialista Semi Automatic Espresso Machine HOT DEAL


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The De’Longhi La Specialista is both semi-automatic and semi-professional. Enjoy playing barista while trusting in the machine’s consistent grinding, dosing, and tamping.

The La Specialista’s grinding process relies on sensors to ensure you’re grinding the right amount of coffee each time. Once you’ve ground your coffee, push on the side lever for a precise tamp that will help you achieve a more consistent flavour profile. The unit brews with a stable temperature and, thanks to two independent heating systems, there’ll be no wait between extracting your shot and steaming your milk. The Advanced Latte System gives you the choice of a flat or fluffy foam, and there are preset options for Coffee, Espresso, and Americano.

Combining smart automation with a touch of hands-on interaction, the De’Longhi La Specialista will deliver quality coffee in your very own home, time and time again. 

  • Have your coffee made to perfection with just the right amount of coffee dose thanks to the Sensor Grinding Technology
  • Craft flavoursome and well-balanced Espresso and coffee beverages, after grinding, tamp directly in the filter holder by simply pushing the lever down
  • Two independent heating system for coffee and milk
  • Froth smooth milk-based beverages with Advanced Latte System

This machine features a built-in grinder, and it’s been engineered to deliver a consistent dosage of coffee each time. You don’t have to worry about making a mess, as the grinding is done internally.


An improper tamp of your coffee grounds can result in under- or over-extraction of your espresso. That is, water will not pass through the grounds evenly and your coffee will either be too bitter or too weak. This machine tamps automatically and precisely with the push of the side lever.


Having separate systems for heating water and milk means you’ll get a consistent temperature with every cup. It also means you can get straight onto steaming milk after you’ve pulled your espresso shot.


The machine’s steam wand allows you to select a FLAT option for hot milk or a FOAM option for frothed milk. Whether you prefer a latte or a cappuccino, the La Specialista will deliver.

  • 19 bar pump 
  • Grinding position sensor 
  • RPM sensor 
  • Bean sensor 
  • Active rinsing for quick heating 
  • Active Temperature Control for temperature stability 
  • Maximum cup height of 120mm 
  • 3 Pre-set coffee recipes - Espresso, Coffee or Americano/Long Black 
  • Dedicated water spout 
  • Integrated bean sensor that notifies the consumer when the bean hopper is near empty 
  • Grinding and tamping are all done internally to keep your kitchen clean 
  • 2 Independent heating systems for coffee and milk