Saeco Royal OTC Professional Super Automatic Machine HOT DEAL

$1,699.99 CAD reg. $2,095.99

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Saeco Royal OTC Professional Super Automatic Machine HOT DEAL
Saeco Royal OTC Professional Super Automatic Machine HOT DEAL
Saeco Royal OTC Professional Super Automatic Machine HOT DEAL

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Saeco Royal OTC Professional Super Automatic Machine HOT DEAL


$1,699.99 CAD reg. $2,095.99



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The New Anthracite color Saeco Royal OTC (One Touch Cappuccino), brings us the same reliable performance with a new look and one touch access to your favorite drinks. The Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino gives you the ability to adjust the amount of coffee you'd like to brew based on aroma, or amount of coffee per drink, temperature, the timing of your brew's pre-infusion, and drink length or water volume. But what you'll also love is at a push of a button, the Saeco Royal One Touch will brew your coffee, steam your milk and pour it all into your cup in one swoop.


The Saeco Royal exhibit a perfect mix of Saeco and Philips technologies. Aimed at the OCS and HORECA food markets, the Royal is hi-tech instilled in a compact package, thus making it suitable for home/office-based professionals that long for the power and elegance of high-level coffee makers. As a result, the Royal includes advanced features such as double circuit and conical grinder. This office or home coffee machine is able to produce both coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as dispense hot water and steam. Also featured are the wide graphic display and interface for ease of use and cleaning.

  • New “Pinless wonder” cappuccinatore for frothing milk.
  • Use of water tank ONLY, NO Direct plumbing features on this model.
  • New “ONE TOUCH” function for milk-based beverage.
  • Includes independent hot water/steam wand technology.
  • Includes cup warmer and powder option (for the use of pre-ground coffee).
  • Double-circuit hydraulic system that includes double pump and double boiler.
  • User interface with graphic display and 8 direct selection buttons.
  • Ability to make 2 coffee cups simultaneously.
  • Wide programming menu in the local language.
  • Option for pre-ground coffee with steel conical blades.



  • Auto-cleaning and De-Scaling: The Royal One Touch is easy to use and includes automatic cleaning and de-scaling cycles that guarantee an ideal cup of coffee and will maximize the lifespan of your machine.
  • Pour Over water tank
  • Cup Warmer: The Royal One Touch allows you to store and heat up your cups on top of the machine so your drinks are guaranteed to maintain it's heat.
  • Double Boiler: The dual boiler in this machine will maintain optimal conditions for both brewing and frothing. The two independent circuits will give you a quicker turn around time to froth immediately after you're done brewing.
  • Three Preset Buttons For Different Sized Cups: Press a button for a single or double shot of espresso. You can brew a small, medium, or large cup of coffee and vary the strength to your taste.
  • Bypass Doser: This option allows you to pour pre-ground coffee into a funnel that is accessed by lifting a small lid on top of the machine. This feature is perfect when there is someone in the group who wants a decaffeinated espresso, or if you wish to sample other blends of coffee.
  • Coffee Strength Function: The Royal One Touch has a feature that will allow you to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground for each individual cup. Adjust it from six to nine grams.
  • One-Touch: This machine will steam up your milk via the attached hose and pour it straight into your cup to make your favorite lattes, cappuccinos and milk-based drinks.