Trucillo DECAF BAR Medium Blend Coffee Beans 1.1 lbs (500g)

Trucillo DECAF BAR Medium Blend Coffee Beans 1.1 lbs (500g)

Trucillo Caffè

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Blend of naturally decaffeinated Arabica and Robusta with caffeine content not exceeding 10%. This decaf blend is defined by its smooth taste and rich aroma.

  • 500g - 1.1 Lbs Whole bean
  • Roasted in Salerno, Imported from Italy
  • Buy a case and save!
  • Naturally Decaffeinated
  • Certified by the Italian National Espresso Institute
  • Medium roast
  • Coffee Strenght: 7 out 10 (5 being the strongest)

Trucillo story began more than 60 years ago, driven by the great passion of a father, Cesare Trucillo. Today, Trucillo still work with the same enthusiasm as back then and our mission is definitely to produce high-quality coffee, but above all to spread the culture of the High-Quality Italian Espresso Coffee, a shared goal the whole Trucillo team aims at with passion and determination, taking care of each and every aspect from the production to the trading, sharing with our partners the pride to offer all the pleasure held into a cup of coffee. 

Tradition, innovation, passion for quality, know-how and enhancement of the human element these are the values that have been inspiring our work all along and guiding us towards the accomplishment of the Trucillo company goals. 

Trucillo import our Arabica and Robusta coffee, natural and washed, from the best producing countries across three continents: Central and Southern America, Asia and Africa. Trucillo just use selected beans, skillfully roasted, creating blends qualified by an intense aromatic pleasantness, a velvety body and a balanced taste.

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