Caffitaly SO7 Black / Grey Coffee Capsule Machine with FREE COFFEE SAMPLES

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Received the third gasket today- thank you for your quick attention to this small ( but important to me!) problem.  Your customer service team is really on the ball and doing a great job. I appreciate your prompt service. I am  looking forward to using my Bialetti espresso machine tomorrow for my morning coffee!




Votre système de livraison est vraiment remarquable. J’ai commandé mon café hier en après-midi et l’ai reçu ce matin.

Merci Mft



Order has been delivered!! Love your company!! 




Bonjour, Je tiens à vous remercier pour votre grande efficacité. Machine arrivée à midi aujourd'hui, en parfait état.Merci





Notre cafetière est arrivée hier, tel que prévu, et très bien emballée! Vous avez un très bon service. Je n’hésiterai pas à faire affaire avec vous si besoin et je vous recommanderai à mes amis!

Bonne journée




Got my coffee mill today, good price, great service. you guys rock!




Afternoon, Thanks for your prompt and great service .Always appreciated and you are well referred to my friends.




Thank you for your attention and timely response to this matter, it’s speaks volumes about Creative Coffee’s Customer Service.




J'ai un excellent soutien client de CreativeCoffee, ça fait vraiment plaisir.  Vous êtes les meilleurs !




I just wanted to say thank you to you and creative coffee. We received our Philips Saeco machine yesterday and love it.

You provided the best price, the shipping was fast, and we're happy with the service provided.




After our discussion he had a replacement shipped out very quickly. I have installed the new pressure control and the unit is back to working just fine. Thanks so much for the excellent service and the availability of an excellent technician.

stay safe,




Happy Sunday, 

My order arrived today, thank you very much. I have already told everyone I know that drinks excellent coffee about your website.


Thanks again and you have a repeat customer in me for sure.





Amazing Customer Service - Super fast processing and shipment - WOW & Thank you!!!!




I received the new gaskets last week and they are the correct size. Thank you again for your patience and consideration with my order. Based on your attention to detail and good service, it is without a doubt I will be in touch with Creative  to purchase a new fully automatic coffee maker in the near future.




Thanks, the grinder arrived today. Assembled it, ground some beans, and all worked well. Very pleased with the product and your service so far. regards. 




Morning , Lirika Saeco machine arrived and is exactly what I wanted.  Makes perfect Latte’s.  Thank you for helping me with the exchange for the right machine.  Happy holidays, Thank you




Thank you, creative provides an outstanding service. Kindest regards,




Good Day To the fine people at Creative coffee, Thank you so much for the great product and fantastic delivery time, just awesome. Kind regards 




Just wanted to say many thanks for your great customer service. This is highly appreciated and I will defenitly recommend your store to my friends and family. Best regards.




I received my La Pavoni Grand Caffe a couple of days ago. I thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the machine. It makes a fine addition to my Europiccola. In fact my decision to buy the Grand Caffe was based on my years of solid use from my Europiccola. So thank you for the prompt shipping and excellent service and may you all have a successful New Year.




Thank you.  I am very pleased with all of my purchases from Creative and very impressed with their efficient service.  Merry christmas.




I just received my order (#89875) today, and I’m thrilled! They're exactly what i wanted AND it was delivered quickly. I will be using your site for future cookware items and recommending your website to friends and family.

Merry Christmas




Parcel with the Illy Beans just arrived and have to thank you indeed for such a terrific and fast Service! You can be sure, WE will order more from you as time goes by. Kind Regards,
K H. Seeh



Wow! Thanks - you guys really are excellent.  Really enjoyed buying from you guys.  Will continue to do so!  experience.  




I recently purchased a Saeco Lirika OTC from you . You were kind enough to include a complimentary bag of coffee and I'm pleased to report we loved the flavour! We are interested in ordering more from your site. I think it is the: CreativeOro Medium Roast Coffee Beans 1.1 lbs (500g)

S Shaker




Dear Creative Crew, I'm very pleased with the prompt delivery of the order I placed on Sunday. I've already received my Gaggia classic, primed it, and enjoyed a couple of great shots.I also wanted to tell you that I was really pleased to find your website.  Your selection of machines, equipment, and beans is great and your prices are very fair.  I haven't even had a chance to check it all out yet and I look forward to ordering more from you in the near future.

Daniel Z



 I received it in good time with a tracking number. Customer service done via email, but answered all questions quickly. I give you 5 ??. I love my machine, packed exceptionally well...AND the best prices on items I have found online, and in store. Thank you so much ????. I will definitely be doing business with you in the future...

Vickie T



WOW, this was ready for pickup at my local post office Mon. Dec 4! Thank you for such prompt & efficient service.

Katherine F



Thank you so much for letting me know. I really appreciate you keeping me informed, since I'm accustomed to your deliveries being impressively speedy.  Yet again, I'm very impressed with Creative customer service. Take care.




Creative is a new site for me and I must say... I sure love it! Thanks,




I’m extremely happy with the purchase of my Rancilio Silvia machine and the Rocky Grinder. Fast shipping (less than 24 hours), secure packaging, everything original from Italy and the best price on the market. Thank you very much for a great transaction.




Hi The Silvia and the rocky grinder have arrived and we are honing our coffee skills as a write this.  Everything arrived in good condition and well boxed up. THANKS!!!

R Grant



That is awesome. What wonderful customer service you have. I will tell people about this, for sure. And when we get the new part, I'll take a picture of the grinder, put it on Facebook and let all my friends ‎know about your company and your customer service. Thank you so much.




Thanks so much for the rapid processing and shipping of my order! My overall experience was outstanding.  I am really impressed with Creative and your level of professionalism.

Ron Hall



I want to thank you for  great products. Also exception service – product delivery.  And the best pricing policy.




The revised score is 11/10 you managed to get a higher than perfect score !!! Less than 24 hours... If I look at the time stamps, it arrived at my door in less than 24 hours after your email.  Buying from a Canadian store, getting an impossible to beat quality and efficiency of service; you raised the bar again for; best country, best people and 1st class attention to surpass customers highest expectations.  The Breville is a pure beauty, my second espresso machine, the first one was a humbler model & make and gave me 17 years of pure morning enjoyment. A very well deserved thank you and bravo for the exceptional quality of service I received, 




Thanks again for your prompt and helpful response. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone based on the excellent service you have provided so far.  La Pavoni called my wife this morning and explained how the issue could be fixed simply – by removing one of the rubber footings on the bottom and flicking a little white switch with a pencil tip – and it is now resolved. 


Thanks again.




We just received our second order -- I'd really like to say a big thank you. Illy dark roast is my husband's favourite coffee, and we are so pleased to have discovered your site . Our orders are delivered amazingly quickly , packaged super securely, and the price is much better than we pay in the very few stores here that even carry iIlly coffee. It is a pleasure to deal with you, thanks so much !



My Philips Saeco Poema Coffee Machine arrived! Great machine, great coffee..very happy with your service and this purchase...a big thumbs up...thank you




I received my order a few days ago, impressively quickly after I ordered !!! I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I unpacked the box, seeing all the extra things that I received along with my Breville Machine. As I was working until Christmas afternoon, I did not get to try my machine until then ,,, but once I got done setting it up and prepping it,,, I was as happy as a pig in mud enjoying my first espresso ,,,, which was followed by a couple lattee's ,,,, All that to say ,,, Thank you !to all who were involved in the process of completing my order and shipping it so fast and effectively which in turn made my Christmas home alone totally awesome instead of being just a plain normal evening !!

Happy holidays to you and yours and may the new year be good to all of you!!!





I just wanted to say that I have received my Saeco Via Venezia espresso machine, and I love it.  It makes fantastic espresso, I'm very impressed.  Thanks for the fast and reliable service. Sincerely,




WOW....Incredible service the items were ordered yesterday and received today...keep it up!




We bought a JURA F50 espresso machine a week ago. Ordered it on Thursday and had it delivered to our house one day later. Much to our surprise the package also contained 12 espresso cups with saucers, 12 espresso spoons, a stainless steel milk jug and 1 kg of coffee beans - WOW. Thank you so much for your generosity and your fast service. We are using the machine a few times a day and are enjoying the great coffee it makes.




I received my Rocket Cellini Evoluzione last wednesday. What a beauty! I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provide and the gifts that came with the machine.



Got my Illy coffee! Yay!  I'm so happy to have found your website. You've got a regular customer!




Received my order this morning! Just wanted to acknowledge the personnel behind your excellent delivery process. Well done!




Hi Joe, just came across the email from FedEx. You don't have to reply to my earlier inquiry about the delivery. Thank you for keeping me up to date with the status of the purchase. You have been forthcoming and helpful in every way. As I said to you before, to bad other companies don't have your business ethics. Please, feel free to pass this along to your supervisors as I feel that they should be apprised of the good work you do.





Just received my first order from Creative . I ordered Illy capsules late Saturday night and received them Tuesday evening. That is what I call GREAT service. I certainly will be ordering again from you. Very impressed!



Wow. I just received my purhase. Not even 24 hours. Thank you so much for the very fast delivery!




Wow.....that was fast!. I'm impressed by the service, price and free coffee! thanks, I wait for the grinder and I might recommend you to my friends!




Hi, Last week, I've ordered a 6 cups Bella stovetop espresso maker (stainless steel), and a Peugeotmanual coffee grinder.

I've received my items quickly (the day after they were shipped), and I tried them right away. Both are excellent, and I think it's safe to say I've never had a better cup of coffee than the one I brew every morning with these babies. I am quite satisfied :). Thank you for your service, and have a nice day. M. Claveau  



Thank you.  I've already used the Rancilio Silvia coffee machine a few times and I LOVE it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! If I hear anyone of my friends say that are looking for an espresso machine, I will send them your way. 




Machine arrived today. Just finished testing it.  This one works great. Thanks again for the great service.  You guys are now my #1 destination for anything coffee related. Do you have a feedback section on your website so that I can give you 5 stars for service? Cheers,




It was a great purchase. This machine makes outstanding espresso. I'm absolutely astonished at the difference between the Ranclio Silvia. Thanks for the patience when I was trying to decide. And it was all well packaged. The grinder and the espresso machine arrived in great shape. Will recommend to my friends.




Thank you for the excellent service. The shipment arrived this morning complete as expected. I will be more than glad to recommend your services to my friends and relatives and order for myself what I need. Thank you again for the excellent service and wide choice of products.




Hello, I just wanted to let you know I received the Baratza Preciso grinder I ordered today. Very speedy shipping, and well packaged! It looks beautiful--so I think my gift will be well received. :) Thanks again,



Thank you so much! Your great customer service will not be forgotten! Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season,



Hi guys, I just want to let you know I received by Press set today and am very happy with it!!! Thank you very much and  now that I know I can safely order from you I am planning to do a lot more purchases for birthday presents, etc as your products are everyone's favourites and the prices are so good.

Have a Merry Christmas, Sylvia



I placed my order on Wednesday at 11:00 am and on Thursday at 2:00 pm the Package arrived at my house.  I can't believe your service.  I have told a few people about your business. I will be ordering from you again soon 




I want to say "THANK YOU" for honoring the $99.99...and adding the FREE box of assorted K-cups coffee. I am so excited and cant wait to receive my KEURIG coffee maker. I have mentioned creative to a couple of my friends and they are interested... but....said they'd wait to see when I receive mind. I can't say "THANK YOU" enough. I am quite

impressed this far.




Just wanted to let you know, am very pleased with my purchase; arrived in good order, and happy with all the "extras"; as well as the great price and service! will definitely purchase from you again and recommend to others.




Received my Keurig not 24 hours after I placed the order...AMAZING!! I ripped it open and used it right away. It is awesome. I have never dealt with a more easier and efficient online store before...keep up the good work, I'll be back to buy some coffee!!!!




Hey!! just wanted to thank you for accepting my epayment so quickly and delivering it so efficiently. I hadn't had the time to tell my grandparents that they were going to receive something in the mail - BOY were they surprised!! My grandma was crying on the phone,  Thanks again so so much!




WOW !!! Your service is excellent. I ordered my Saeco Odea Giro, Monday night and it was at my house today ( Thursday ). Packed with care, just like you said. Complete with the pitcher, cups and coffee beans also very well packed.  The product that I purchased is also outstanding, Operation manual is easy to understand. Enjoying excellent coffee in about 10 minutes. The Giro works great and also simple to use. This has been my best internet purchase ever. Congratulations for doing everything first class.



You have made a "believer" out of me. My Odea Go espresso maker arrived yesterday, WITH the spoons you promised! I haven't plugged it in yet, as it is to go up north for the weekend, but you deliver on your promises!  Thanks again.




Just got my coffee machine yesterday, this was one of my first purchases through internet and I was impressed by your good and timely service. Throughout all, I got quick answers and respond to all my inquiries. Keep up the good work; it is worth now a day to mention good service as it has become a rare happening. I would not hesitate to purchase from creative coffee again.Have a great day




You guys are amazing! Placed my order and got it in 24 hrs...WOW, I will definitely order from you again especially for the upcoming holidays Great service, prices and amazing selection of products. Love your Website!



Our Jura machine and accessories arrived last week. Well packed, beautifully cleaned, and ready for service. We've been happily enjoying coffee, latte, etc. and want to thank you for excellent service and communication. Best of the season to you and your colleagues at Creative Cookware.