Swinging Gold Tea Infuser with 7mm Caddy

Swinging Gold Tea Infuser with 7mm Caddy

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Use this 7cm - 24 krt gold Tip Tea Strainer when enjoying your loose leaf tea. Simply place the Tip Tea Strainer on the top of your cup by "swinging" it away from the drip bow. After pouring your brewed tea through the strainer (this will catch those loose leaves), you just swing the strainer back in place over the drip bowl to catch any drips. The Tip Tea Strainer is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Very cute and makes a great add in gift with your tea.

- 24 karat gold plated

- Will not discolor

- Infuser made of stainless steel.
- Meaures 2" H x 6" L including handle

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