Coffee Latte Stencils 2 Designs

Coffee Latte Stencils 2 Designs

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Coffee stencils will tranform a cappuccino from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds. This pack of stencils lets you push your latte art to the next level with powder drawing on the surface of the perfect cappuccino. The stencil contains 2 different designs that can be applied to the surface of any cappuccino, latte or other drink and are reusable as many times as you\'d like. 

1.    Make the cappuccino.

2.    Place a stencil over the mug.

3.    Sift cocoa over the stencil.

 - cappuccino or latte, You can use a cappuccino maker if you have one, but a powder mixed with hot water works too or just top your regualr coffee with steamed milk, frothed.


- shaker, Makes this easier, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have one.  Just sprinkle slowly with a spoon.


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