Urnex does not make coffee or coffee equipment, Urnex help make them better! Urnex is the world leader in specialty cleaning products for coffee and espresso equipment. They help coffee lovers all over the world make the coffee they love the best it can be. Coffee can have more than 800 different flavor- and aroma-imparting elements. It's one of the most complex, flavorful substances ever discovered on earth. Did you know that you are supposed to clean your espresso machine or coffee maker every three months? It's a simple, powerful idea. But it's not always easy. The wrong detergents and soaps leave residues, odors and build-up that have no place in your brew. Urnex cleaning products will help you keep you coffee maker and coffee grinders clean.

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Capresso Infinity Plus Stainless Steel Concial Burr Grinder

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