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Danesi Caffè is a roman company founded in 1905 by Alfredo Danesi. Expert connoisseur and curator of secret blends, he was one of the first who to spread the culture and the consume of what today is known as traditional espresso dating back at the beginning of last century in Rome. The unique flavor of Danesi Caffè blends come from continuous relentless and accurate inspections of the raw coffees they are composed by, balancing tradition and innovation and guarantying the highest quality.The quality guarantee of Danesi Caffè products comes mostly from people work, added to an innovative use of technology. The Danesi Caffè aroma, the taste and the aspect of a coffee reflect the passion of those who have worked for a long time to create the highest level quality product possible. Selecting, blending, roasting, milling: are ancient and essential procedures passed down within the company through the years. Danesi Caffè techniques, paired with the most modern equipment and technology available today, ensure to achieve the highest levels of control in every step of the production process of Danesi Caffè.

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