Rhino Coffee Gear 4 Pack Barista Cleaning Cloth Set

Rhino Coffee Gear 4 Pack Barista Cleaning Cloth Set

Rhino Coffee Gear

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Rhino Coffee Gear's Barista Cloth Set has been developed to assist cleaning and maintaining coffee machines in a commercial environment and is also suitable for home machine use. Using a unique blend of polymide and polyester, these special heavy-duty cloths do a fantastic job of keeping coffee equipment clean and ready for quality coffee production. This set includes 1 x Coffee Cloth, 2 x Steam Wand Cloths and 1 x Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth. 

2 x Steam Wand Cloth (light blue)Having a separate steam wand cloth is important. Best used damp, the steam wand cloth allows for quick and easy removal of milk residue. It has a tremendous capacity and is large enough to refold a number of times for maximum use. Measures 200 mm x 200 mm / 8 inches x 8 inches.


1 x Coffee Cloth with Belt clip (brown): This heavy duty microfiber cloth has been designed to quickly and easily remove coffee waste from group handles and related parts of the machine with ease. Complete with "belt clip" this generous knee length cloth makes keeping your machine in A1 condition a breeze. Measures 310 mm x 600 mm /12 inches x 24 inches


1 x Multipurpose Cloth (black): This multi-purpose cloth is designed to outlast, out perform and do away with your old-style disposable all purpose cloth and sponge. Ideal for cleaning and polishing coffee machines. 310mm x 310mm /12 inches x 12inches


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