Terra Coffee ESPRESSO DECAF Blend Coffee Beans 340 gr - BOXING WEEK SALE

Terra Coffee ESPRESSO DECAF Blend Coffee Beans 340 gr - BOXING WEEK SALE

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Terra Coffee ESPRESSO DECAF Medium to Dard Blend - A decaf espresso blend created specially for lovers of real coffee. Its rich, smooth taste will please the palates of the finest connoisseurs without the effects of caffeine. Decaffeinated with natural Ethyl Acetate, a method derived from fruits and sugar cane.

  • Coffee Strength: 6 out 10 (10 being strongest)
  • Medium to Dark blend .
  • Rich with accents of roasted nuts and chocolates
  • Woody & spicy: Notes of herbs and spices.
  • Smoky & Sharp: Pleasant hints of smokiness and light charcaol.
  • Arabica and Robusto Beans
  • Fairtrade 
  • Humaniterra Foundation, Certified UTZ / Rainforest Alliance
  • Roasted in Canada
  • 340 grams bag

Certification UTZ Fair Trade:  Our determination to establish new quality standards in the coffee industry prompted us to collaborate with UTZ Certified. This certification's strict code of conduct encourages growers to produce exquisite coffees all the while favoring sustainability, health, education and several other factors we hold dear.


Along with our Humaniterra Foundation, UTZ has proven to be an effective way to tackle environmental and social issues around the world, including climate change, deforestation, and unsustainable farming.


Better farming methods : With better and more efficient farming methods that safeguard the environment, farmers get more out of their land, which leads to increased productivity, better crops and a better income for workers.


Better working conditions : Farmers need to create a healthy and safe work environment for all their workers. Solid and respectful working conditions must be upheld and are checked by independent certification bodies.


Better care for nature : Farmers implement agricultural methods that make better use of resources and minimize the use of artificial fertilizers and other harmful practices.


Better care for next generations : Within the UTZ program farmers take steps to ensure that their children and those of their workers grow up in healthy circumstances with access to education. UTZ requirements ban child labor and sessions are held to increase awareness around the importance of education.


Better crop : Farmers in the UTZ program are trained in good agricultural practices. That means they produce more, and achieve better quality at lower costs.


Better income : Farmers with better crops have better prospects. A higher yield means a bigger income, so farmers can invest in the future of their families, business and their workers.


Better environment : UTZ certified farms work with respect for the environment and in harmony with nature. Water and energy reduction measures are implemented, pollution is reduced, and natural resources are conserved.


Better life : More and more UTZ farmers and workers report a better quality of life with safer and healthier environments, more motivation and greater access to educational opportunities for their children.

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