49th Parallel BLUE SKY Espresso Dark Blend Coffee Beans 340 gr / 12 oz

49th Parallel BLUE SKY Espresso Dark Blend Coffee Beans 340 gr / 12 oz

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49th Parallel BLUE SKY Espresso Dark Blend Coffee Beans. Looking for an intense, dark espresso with low acidity? Blue Sky is our darkest roast on offer and is great for those seeking a low acidity coffee for either espresso or filter brewing. We work daily to improve it, always seeking the perfect Southern Italian profile.

49th's direct trade philosophy is part commitment, part mechanism, part exploration with the goal of building strong relationships resulting in sustainable prices being paid for one of a kind coffees.

  • Dark roast premium coffee
  • Coffee Strength: 8 out 10 (10 being strongest)
  • 12 oz  - 340 grams bag 
  • Fairtrade
  • Roasted in Canada

49th Parallel make specialty coffee accessible to more people (in more ways) by Crafting Exceptional Direct Trade Coffee, With Intention, that Inspires Curiosity.

49th Parallel coffee is roasted in Vancouver, British Columbia, 49th Parallel endeavours to sustainably source and craft exceptional coffee. 49th Parallel are a technologically advanced roastery with a science forward approach to the craft.

49th Parallel strive to collaborate with enthusiastic, satisfied customers while positively contributing to the health of local and global ecosystems. 49th Parallel do this through motivating, recognizing, and rewarding every part of the value network, viewing each of our partners as valued team members. From origin to our roaster, into cafés and kitchens, it is human togetherness in every part of the process that makes the coffee 49th Parallel represent possible. 

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