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Jura Claris PRO BLUE Water Filter
Jura Claris PRO BLUE Water Filter
Jura Claris PRO BLUE Water Filter

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Jura Claris PRO BLUE Water Filter


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The Jura Clearyl Pro Blue water filtration cartridge is compatible with the Impressa XJ, XJ9, and GIGA X, GIGA 7 (not Giga 5) series of super-automatic coffee machines.


Standard tap water contains all varieties of impurities, among them are calcium and magnesium. Unless you are using softened and filtered water, purified and balanced water, or this Clearyl Pro Blue filter cartridge, your Super Automatic espresso machine's boiler is lined with scale. The heating element draws the minerals out of the water and bakes them onto itself, literally forming rock inside your machine. This creates for you all sorts of problems such as reduced water flow and shortened life of the unit. Save yourself time and money by stopping this disaster before it begins.


Great coffee begins with pure water. The advanced Clearyl Pro Blue filtration system prevents water impurities from entering sensitive areas of the machine, causing damage, and altering the taste of the coffee produced. A change filter message will be displayed when it is time to replace the cartridge. Regular replacement of the Clearyl Pro Blue filter ensures the removal of chlorine, lead, aluminum, and copper for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive also removes almost all calcium carbonate, the villain behind scale build-up. When changed regularly, these filters will completely eliminate the need for decalcifying your machine (except in cases of extremely hard water).