ECM 58mm Pressure Regulating Tamper

ECM 58mm Pressure Regulating Tamper


$129.99 CAD
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Deluxe ECM 58mm Pressure regulating Flat Dynamic Tamper is easy to grip and functional. Pressure-regulating tamper have a consistent tamping pressure. All have perfectly milled stainless steel tamp bases for a perfect fit for your machine. Finest handcraft for the optimum pressure. Made in Italy.

  • Handmade in aluminium and a sold stainless steel Base
  • Tamping pressure 20 kg
  • 4.5" high
  • Weight 450 g

Determine the size you need:

46mm Universal size for all espresso machines.
51mm  For newer La Pavoni Lever machines.
53mm  Saeco, Gaggia, la Spaziale, Ascaso, Capresso, Solis and most traditional espresso machines.
55mm  Universal size for all espresso machines..
  Rocket, Quickmill, La Spaziale, Pasquini Livia, Rancilio and most commercial espresso machines.


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