Lelit Fred PL043MMI Coffee Grinder

Lelit Fred PL043MMI Coffee Grinder


$364.99 CAD
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The Lelit LEPL043MMI grinder features 38 mm conical burrs with stepped or micrometric adjustment options, giving you ultimate control over grind consistency.  In a compact, sleek, stainless steel body, the Lelit grinder is the perfect addition to either the Lelit Anna or Gilda espresso machines ensuring you get the freshest, most flavorful brew possible. 

- Automatic dosing

- 38 mm conical burrs

- Stainless steel coffee chute, portafilter holder and grinding switch

- Stepped or micrometric grinding adjustment

- Stainless steel appliance body

- Made in Italy

- 1 Year warranty

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Small and consistent

Fred is a set of home grinders which are guaranteed to grind coffee to a fine consistency and lead to consistent results year after year. The conical steel burrs and the stepped or micrometric adjuster allow a fine grinding, which is vital for extracting the rich coffee oils and produce real espresso. Last but not least, the very compact size make Fred the ideal choice for home grinding.
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Benefits of pairing with a good grinder

If coffee flavour is your primary concern, your machine must be paired with a quality burr grinder. Here is something you need to understand about coffee: ground coffee is stale within minutes. With an espresso machine and no grinder, you would be forced to use pre-ground coffee, which is unavoidably stale. You can't make great espresso at home - or anywhere - without a quality burr coffee grinder.
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Professionnal build quality

All LELIT grinders come with steel burrs, to grind coffee to a fine consistency, and full stainless steel body, to ensure a long service life

Stepped or mecrometric adjustment

The micro-metric adjuster allows for very small adjustments to be made to the grind size with a relatively large turn of the adjusting knob. This give the barista very good control of the grind size.
We recommend the MicroMetric option if the grinder is to be used primarily for espresso. If the grinder is routinely used for plunger and espresso, the standard stepped adjustment makes it easier to quickly change the grind settings.

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