Quick Mill Carola Coffee Machine + FREE COFFEE

Quick Mill Carola Coffee Machine + FREE COFFEE

Quick Mill

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The Carola by Quick Mill is the perfect simple home espresso machine for those who just wish to make espresso. With its E61 grouphead and pre-infusion capabilities, you can pull a high quality espresso shot continuously, with each succeeding shot having the same uniform taste.

For those who are searching for a machine to provide only top-notch espresso, look no further. Because of the Carola’s single boiler with no steam ability, this machine is the ideal option for those who are simply looking for a machine capable of pulling excellent espresso without the need for other milk-based coffee beverages. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, because the E61 grouphead and pre-infusion capability guarantee consistent and reliable flavor of repeated shots.

The Carola by Quick Mill stands at a compact 13 inches to fit well beneath your kitchen cabinets. The sleek stainless steel construction is not only solidly built but also an attractive addition to your serving area. Appealing features include a 2 liter water reservoir with low water sensor, a 32 ounce stainless steel drip tray, an espresso cup warmer, a group pressure gauge and simple access to the adjustable temperature DIP switches located on the posterior of the machine. Included with this machine are single and double portafilters, two insert baskets (single and double), a backflushing blank disk as well as a group cleaning brush.

  • Lever Group thermosiphonic
  • Internal temperature control with PID
  • 0,75 LTS. Copper Boiler
  • 800 Watt heater
  • Pump with klixon
  • Machines equipped with all safeties
  • 1,8 lts. Water tank
  • Coffee pressure gauge
  • Cromed frame cup warmer
  • Warning light green and red ON-Off and heater
  • Pulsor stabilizer of pressure and lowering of noise ( Look at picture number 2)
  • Filter holder knob with chrome is an optional , Standard = Black
  • Vibration Pump
  • Dimensions: 39 L x 29 W x 35 H cm 
  • Made in Italy with a 1 year warranty

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