Rocket Stone Mine Green Espresso Coffee Machine

Rocket Stone Mine Green Espresso Coffee Machine


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Rockek Stone Espresso are an Italian compact coffee machine manufacturer for the home baristas. Stone allows for professional performance within ultra-compact dimensions and is ready to use in 10 minutes. Each are 100% metal inside and out and customisable in exterior design thanks to the Slabs. More than a coffee machine; Stone transforms your kitchen into a real espresso bar.

The Stone espresso machines only require minimal space, but make no compromises in espresso and steam quality.

The newly developed brass brewing group weighs over 3 kilograms and thus offers optimum temperature resistance and is comparable to the E-61 brewing group.

The Stone Espresso by Rocket largely dispenses with plastic parts—inside and out. You don't have to wait long for your cappuccino in the morning, because the espresso machine is ready to use in just 10 minutes.

Should the environment of the stone change, the side parts (slabs) can easily be exchanged for an alternative color or wood. Stone Espresso is a new manufacturer from Milan, which develops portafilter machines for the home with a new approach.

What were Stone owners thinking when coming out with this name, Solidity, simplicity, weight. All these adjectives can very well describe this brand-new coffee machine. What you see is what you get, a compact, stylish coffee machine with a full stainless-steel body. Fitted with a brand new thermosyphon system boiler it allows you to brew and steam simultaneously, impressive for such a compact coffee machine.

The heating time is impressive too with only 10 minutes needed in order to start brewing your coffee. This is made possible thanks to a 200 W heater situated in the group head which rapidly heats the group head and assures optimal temperature stability. This, however, is not the only heating element present in the coffee machine, because there is another 1000 W heating element situated inside the 1.7 L boiler. Despite the compact size, the Stone weighs over 20 Kg and this is not a bad thing since it allows the coffee machine to stay stable and still while brewing your coffee. 

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